MEGAPlus is a research project co-funded under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS):
Start time: 01.06.2018 
Duration: 3 years

Aims and Objectives
The objective of this proposal is to investigate the potential of deep lying coal seams (>900) for the development of the integrated CBM-UCG process for optimum methane production, which can be fed into the European pipeline network and contribute to the European energy supply security.

The MEGA+ project aims to make significant advances beyond “state of the art” and evaluate the
potential of deep lying coal seams for the development of the combined CBM - UCG process for
the optimum production of substitute natural gas (SNG), which can be integrated into the European
pipeline network. The MEGA+ project is focusing on a representative coal deposit in Poland
with the ultimate objective to validate the CBM-UCG-SNG technology by considering
options of efficiency improvement and in-situ methane formation, and the processing of the
syngas at surface for maximum methane and CO2 capture and utilisation by ECBM. The
overall objective will be achieved by the following activities:

- Commencement of geological and hydrogeological research, static model development and
assessment of the characteristics of the coal fields in Silesia, Poland, German Ruhr district
and UK coalfield; 
- Interpretation of representative field data as well as characterisation of coal and rocks by
laboratory testing;
- Large-scale experimental verification of the production of natural substitute gas oriented
from CBM-UCG;
- Investigation of the formation and release of contaminants, as well as evaluation of
microstructure and sorption properties of the experimental post-gasification solid residues
to specify the impact of the UCG process to the environment;
- Development and validation of advanced multi-scale and multi-physics computational
models to account for the coupled processes and interactions (at the reactor scale and
surrounding near and far-fields) experienced during the UCG operation;
- Assessment of the overall CBM-UCG-SNG process including ECBM;
- Surface and sub-surface process characterisation and economical modelling;
- Control and optimisation of the process operations and monitoring technique requirements
(sub-surface and surface);
- Assessment of environmental, technical and operational risks;
- Preparation of best practice guidelines for an industrial application of the CBM-UCG-SNG
- Review the permitting and regulatory framework requirements and consider implications for
regulators for future commercialisation of the technology in Europe.


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